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About us

our pastor
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Dr. Randy Davis

Pastor and Founder

Apostle to Africa

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Treby Davis

Pastor's wife of 51 years, Board of Directors, Music Ministry

Dr. Davis has ministry experience since 1979 as has served as pastor of Zion Word Church since the early 1990's. His ministry credentials include an earned Doctorate Degree from the University of Christian Studies and Seminary of Eagle River, Alaska. He serves as Chancellor on the University Board of Directors. He is licensed in Christian Counseling and is an Apostle to Africa, establishing and overseeing churches and ministers there since 2004. Dr. Davis and Sister Treby have lived in Anderson, MO and worked in the ministry together always. They have been married for 51 years and have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Sister Treby holds a Bachelor's Degree in Christian Education and serves in the music ministry and on the church board of directors.

Elders & Board Members
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Monnie Sears

Elder and Teacher at Zion Word USA

Owner at Bible Warehouse

Missionary to Africa

Billy Sampson

Elder at Zion Word Church USA

Missionary to Africa

Seth Davis

Board Member, Music

Yvonne Sanders

Board Member, Christian Counselor

Stacie Sampson

Board Member, Office Admin, Music

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